Trump Tax Attorneys Struggle to Convince Mogul Huge Nov 8th Loss Cannot Be “Written Off”

"Why Not!?!? Why Not?! Why!? "

“Why Not!?!? Why Not?! Why!? “

(CS NewsDesk) In the closing days of Donald Trump’s race for the White House, unnamed sources within the campaign have revealed that profound tension is developing between Mr. Trump and his usually beloved, always busy, staff of tax attorneys.

“The attorneys are just besides themselves,” the unnamed adviser stated, “Mr. Trump keeps asking them how much of the enormous loss he will undoubtedly suffer on November 8th can be written off and for how long. ”

“He gets very angry when they try to explain that, unlike all his other horribly botched ventures, this one cannot help him evade paying taxes.”

Another source wishing to remain anonymous described Trump as being absolutely unruly — running around, kicking things over and screaming:  “You’re all rigged!  All of you!  When I lose, I’m supposed to still win!  That’s how the system works.  That’s how it’s always worked.  Why are you rigging it against me now?  Conspiracy!  I’ll sue you bastards!  I’ll sue.”

The Citizen has yet to determine if Mr. Trump’s lawyers have filed suit against themselves on Mr. Trump’s behalf at the date of this report’s publication.



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