Citizen Special: Ask An N.R.A. Landlord

“Fix Your Door Lock!?  Broken Locks Don’t Cause Crimes, People Do”

Dear Unit 3:

Got your messages about the busted lock on the front door.  All of them.  You don’t need to nag.  I was going to get around to it.  Christ.

But you know what… ?  I’ve been doin’ some thinking and, frankly, I’m not sure fixin’ the lock on your door is the answer to anything.  I mean, if you really think about it, does a broken lock cause a crime?  No.  No way.  That’s ridiculous.

Broken locks don’t cause crimes, people cause crimes.

So, maybe we should think about larger social problems like cultural stuff and movies and poverty and crap like that.  And especially those violent video games all those kids are playin’ these days.

You can’t stop crime just by fixing a lock.  I mean think about it.  So, really: why bother.

Clayton W. Grimes
NRA Landlord



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